Word from the Commodore


Well, It’s been a tough year for sailing.  High winds, no wind, high water, cold spring….  However, lately it’s been really great.  We still have events planned for the 2nd half of the summer and fall.  A new fun event, the Thurston Howell II Yacht Race is this Saturday and we still plan on taking another crack at a cruising event this fall as well.

We are still doing fun races on Thursday nights and Sunday afternoons, so please come out and join us. We’ve been doing self-starts on Thursday nights, so don’t worry about committee boat duties.  We still need volunteers for Sunday’s however, so if you can do 1 or 2 slots it would really help us out.  If you can’t do it, then just come out and race.  I’d rather see a bunch of sailors enjoying a beautiful sail on Lake Kegonsa than a race with 2 or 3 sailors in it.  We can self-start on Sundays if needed.

Your boats are calling you out.  I hope to see you on the water.

Commodore Brad


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