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  • COVID-19 Statement

    It’s worth taking a minute to think about our personal safety on the water with respect to COVID-19. Of course every sailor needs to make their own choices regarding the risk they are willing to take, amount of PPE they want to wear, etc. As a club we encourage social distancing, sailing alone or with…

  • Sign Up for Go/No Go Texts For Races

    If you’d like to receive phone texts before the scheduled races, please email with your cellphone number and the name of your carrier (ex. US Cellular etc.).

  • LifeSling2 Rescue System, USCG-Approved

    LifeSling2 Rescue System, USCG-Approved

    The club has purchased a new rescue system called the LifeSling2.  The Lifesling2 system consists of a flotation collar which is a blend of the traditional horseshoe buoy and a helicopter rescue sling. It’s connected to 125′ of multi-filament polypropylene retrieving line which allows the flotation to be towed or thrown to the overboard crewmember.…

  • Sailors’ off-season conditioning

    “How do you get in shape for sailing season?” (Shared by Steve Grant) Well, the answer quite frankly comes down to proper conditioning.  I’ve found that hours spent in a health club or fitness center is time wasted and could lead to injury or embarrassment on the boat. You need only concentrate on those muscle…

  • Cold Water Survival and Drowning

    Cold Water Survival and Drowning

    Two very good articles all sailors should read: Cold Water Survival and Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning! With our club actively sailing in both the summer and the winter, we need to remain vigilant at all times.  All sailors should be prepared to rescue their fellows, and put safety first out on the lake.