2017 Full Moon Regatta Notice of Race

lksc_logo95clear NOTICE OF RACE


Saturday July 8, 2017

Organizing Authority: Lake Kegonsa Sailing Club (LKSC)


This event will be governed by the “Rules” as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS 2017-2020).


Competitors may enter the regatta by registering at race headquarters (Springers Restaurant) the day of the event between 12:30 pm the day of the race and the skipper meeting at 1:30pm or on the LKSC website www.lksc.org until 1700 hrs on July 7, 2017.

An entry shall be complete when the entry fee is paid. The registration and fee must be paid at the event.


Notices to Competitors will be posted on www.lksc.org until 5:00 pm on July 7, 2017 and discussed at the Skippers meeting. There will not be an official Race Information Notice Board.  The regatta may be postponed on the day of the regatta but in the event of adverse weather, the regatta will not be rescheduled.


Any change to the Sailing Instructions will be discussed at the Skippers meeting or posted before 1700 hours on www.lksc.org


Each boat shall comply with the requirements of her class rules with respect the class insignia and numbers unless approved by the Principle Race Officer before her first start. This modifies RRS 77.


6.1 Races will be sailed according to the schedule listed in paragraph 6 of this NOR, unless changed in accordance with the procedure listed in paragraph 4 of this NOR.

6.2 Race one will start at 1430 hrs on July 8, 2017. There may be up two additional back to back races after race one.

6.3 There will be one full moon race starting at 1930 hrs. Sunset is 2039 hrs and moon rise is 2012 hrs.

6.2 Classes, starting sequences and class flags will be announced at the Skippers Meeting.


7.1 The racing will be on Lake Kegonsa.

7.2 The racing will start near Springers and courses may traverse much of the lake.


8.1 The attached Course Diagram shows the courses, the order in which marks are to be passed, and the side on which each mark is to be left. The course will be announced at the Skippers meeting.

8.2 The race committee can change the course during the race. If the race committee is situated within 300 yards of a course mark the next mark will be the finish line.


Marks will be orange or yellow floating shapes. After dark there will be flashing lights at the marks.


10.1 Before the warning signal for the first race each day, each boat shall check-in with the Race Committee Signal Boat on the water on starboard tack and be acknowledged by Race Committee.

10.2 The starting line will be between a staff displaying an orange flag on the Race Committee boat at the starboard end and a mark or floating shape at the port end. Starts will comply with Rule 26. Race committee may elect to position additional small floating objects along the starting line to aid the sailors in determining the line position in the dark. These are not marks of the course and touching the small guides is allowed.

10.3 Boats whose preparatory signal has not been made shall keep clear of the starting area and of all boats whose preparatory signal has been made.

10.4 A boat shall start not later than 10 minutes after her starting signal.

10.5 The Race Committee may elect to trail a line (not to exceed 30’) attached to a floating object, behind the Race Committee boat. The floating object and its line shall be considered to be a part of the Race Committee boat and hitting the floating object or running over the line shall be treated as hitting the Race Committee boat.


Recalls will be signaled in accordance with Rule 29. The race committee intends to hail the sail numbers of OCS boats after the starting signal. As a courtesy, the Race Committee may use VHF radios. Race Committee will inform competitors at the Skippers meeting if a Race Committee member has been assigned to monitor a VHF radio. The failure of any boat to hear the hail, an untimely hail of OCS boats, failure to hail any boats, and the order of the boats in the hail shall not be grounds for granting redress. This changes rules 41 and 62.1


The Skipper Meetings will be held at 1330 hrs at Springers Restaurant the day of the Regatta.


The finish line will be between a staff displaying an orange flag on a race Committee boat and a mark or floating shape.


14.1 Time limits are as follows:


Time Limit

Mark 1 Time Limit

All Classes

90 minutes

45 minutes

If no boat in a class has passed Mark 1 within the Mark 1 Time Limit the race shall be abandoned for that class.

14.2 Boats failing to finish within 45 minutes after the first boat in a class sails the course and finishes will be scored Time Limit Expired (TLE). Boat scored TLE shall receive points equal to the last boat to finish plus and number equal to half of the boats scored TLE. The number equal to half of the boats scored TLE shall be rounded to the nearest whole number. This changes rules 35, A4.2, A5 and A11.

14.3 Abandonment shall be signaled by displaying the Signal Flag “N” with three sound signals. The class or classes to which the abandonment applies may be announced over VHF radio.


A boat may take a One Turn Penalty when she may have broken a rule of Part 2 while racing and shall notify the Race Committee at the first reasonable opportunity after finishing. At that time she shall also inform the Race Committee of the identity of the other boat involved in the incident. This modifies Rule 44.1.


All protests must be done on the course by tossing a tennis ball in the protested boat. The protested boat either can do penalty turns or continue the race and inform the PRO why there was not a penalty within 30 minutes of completing the course. The PRO may consult with anyone and must make a decision within 15 minutes of receiving a tennis ball and a verbal description of the protest. The PRO may assess a beer equivalent penalty to either party in the protest.


17.1 The Low-Point Scoring system of Appendix A shall apply for each one night regatta. One race shall be completed to constitute a regatta. No scores will be excluded. This changes Rule A2. Corrected time for all boats in the Portsmouth class will be calculated using the Portsmouth Yardstick Method with basic Portsmouth numbers plus wind velocity handicap factors.

17.2 The series shall be scored in accordance with Appendix A9.

17.3 In the event that there are more than three races started in accordance with paragraph 6.0 than one race will be thrown if three or less races are started in accordance with this NOR than all races will be scored.

17.4 The full moon race cannot be thrown out.


18.1 Any boat that has checked in, and then withdraws before finishing the race, shall notify the Race Committee on the water, or, if that is not possible, call 6083344230 and leave a message. The penalty for failure to give notification of withdrawal shall be disqualification.

18.2 All competitors shall wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved life vest. The penalty for failure to comply shall be a 40% Scoring Penalty.

18.3 No luffing is allowed for safety in the dark. Luffing shall be defined as changing course to windward after another boat has approached within two boat lengths from any direction. A boat passing to windward or leeward must maintain at least two boat lengths to either side until no overlap exists. The two boat lengths is changed to one half boat length at the start. This changes RRS 11.


19.1 A yacht shall neither make radio transmissions while racing, nor receive special radio communications not available to all yachts. This does not apply to situations that threaten safety of life and/or property.

19.2 The Race Committee will attempt to monitor VHF channel 72.


Prizes will be given for first place in any race; a traveling trophy will be awarded for 1st place and keepable trophies will be given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Awards will be given out at Springer’s following the night race.

FMR course

Course 1: Start at A. Leave D to port. Finish at A.

Course 2: Start at A. Leave B to port. Leave C Finish at A.

Course 3: Start at A. Leave B to port. Leave C to starboard. Leave D to starboard. Finish at A.

Course 4: Start at A. Leave B to port. Finish at A.






42 58.512

89 14.713


42 57.879

89 15.835


42 57.063

89 15.224


42 58.160