Race Start Sequence

For the LKSC Summer Series fun races, boats are all in the Open Class and either start at the same time or in two divisions. Here is the starting sequence to be used for those races and for other races with multiple classes:

Time till start Flag Change Sound Action
11 min. LKSC
Burgee Up
None Attention
The LKSC Burgee Flag identifies the committee boat and is a call to assemble behind the starting line. It is up for approximately 5 minutes, but may be extended or shortened at the discretion of the starter. Normally, no more than an extra 5 minutes will be given for boats hurrying to the course. If available, course indication flags will also be flown.
6 min. Burgee Down None Approximately 6 minutes until race starts. Boats are expected to clear the racecourse.
5 min. Class Flag Up Horn Warning
Class flag up is the 5 minute mark (not the horn). This flag remains up until the start. The Red flag is used for the Open class. Other class flags are as defined in the Sailing Instructions. The warning signal for each succeeding class or division will be made with or after the starting signal of the proceeding class or division.
4 min. Blue Flag Up Horn Preparatory
Blue Flag up is the 4 minute time mark (not the horn). This is the preparatory flag.  The Class Flag remains up also.
3 min.   3 Short
3 minute time mark,
sounded at the discretion of the starter.  The horn is the mark.
2 min.   2 Short
2 minute time mark,
sounded at the discretion of the starter.  The horn is the mark.
1 min. Blue Flag Down Long Horn Blue Flag down is the 1 minute time mark, and the horn sounds later. If a megaphone is available, the starter may verbally call out intervals such as 45 seconds, 30 seconds, and 15 seconds.
0 min. Class Flag Down Horn Starting Signal
Class Flag down is the starting signal, and the horn sounds later.  All flags are down during the race
Suspension Burgee Up Siren Suspension
LKSC Burgee up again indicates race suspension due to weather or some other safety issue.