Sailing in LKSC Races

Races every Thursday at 6:30pm and Sunday at 3:00pm (Mondays on holiday weekends).  The sailing season is Memorial Day through mid September.  Thursday races in September start at 6:00pm.

Please read and understand the Sailboat Right of Way Rules.

For Go/No-Go decision go to the Go/No-Go Forum.

Whenever there is a Weather Watch or Warning there will be no race.

Review the Start Sequence and the following race diagram:

Race Diagrams
Race options: Triangle, Olympic, and Windward/Leeward.

Committee Boat

Sign up for committee boat duty! As a member you are requested to sign up for 2-3 committee boat assignments each sailing season. Sign up here.  If you want to volunteer to crew on the committee boat, this is a good way to observe the race and maybe learn more about sailing.

Committee boat captains will use the Course Map below to determine where the course will be on the lake and then post that information on the Forum.  Location of course and any other important information will be posted on the Go/NoGo Forum.

Course Map
Course Map – There are three areas (A, B, C, and D) that can be used.

NOTE: Committe boat captains should pick a course so it stays outside the 10 foot depth lines. This is needed to allow keel boats (some draw 5 feet or more) to race and avoid weed growth which only disappears when the water is at least 8 feet. Keep the course at least a third of a mile from the windward shore to avoid wind shadow.

For committee boat assignments, check the calendar or committee boat signup page.